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Nano Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. - Heart Stent Manufacturing Company Surat, India


OscanD OscanD contains Sodium Diatrizoate. 1ml contains Sodium Diatrizoate 417.0 mg in aqueous solution plus flavoring abd a wetting agent (Iodine Content 249.64 mg/ml).


OscanD is indicated in cases where the use of barium is not suitable specially for the threatening perforations (peptic ulcers, diverticulum), suspected partial or complete stenosis acute haemorrhage, other acute conditions for which are likely to require surgery, after resection of the stomach or intestine (danger of perforation or leak), megacolon, visualisation of a foreign body or tumour before endoscopy, visualisation of a gastrointestinal fistula before endoscopy.

Further indications

Early diagnosis of a radiologically undetectable perforation or anastomatic defect in the oesophagus. The treatment of uncomplicated meconium ileus, Computerised tomography in the abdominal region.


Manifest hyperthyroidism. Not to be administered to patients who are hypersensitive to iodine. Pregnancy and lactation, as safety has not been established.


Use of OscanD offers many benefits compared to Barium sulphate. Patient endangered OscanD even in case of intestinal obstruction or pyloric stenosis or due to leakage of contrast media due to perforations. Even if OscanD enters peritoneal cavity, the same is removed OscanD easily by suction and does pose any problem during surgery. Fluidity of OscanD is OscanD useful in cases of partial stenosis as contrast enters easily through narrowest passages and render the visible. Unlike barium it dose not convert partial block into complrte block. Site oft haemorrhage can be easily visualized with OscanD. OscanD is well tolerated by the tissues and hence it is a ideal contrast medium for visualization of gastrointestinal fistulas.

Dosage & Directions of use-Computerised tomography (CT)

The examination can be made after the administration of 600 ml of diluted OscanD solution (30 ml OscanD / 600 ml water) and 200 ml each administered to patient at OscanD 1.5 hr. 1 hr and 30 min. before start of procedure or 30 ml, 40 ml OscanD diluted to OscanD 1 L with water and administered orally prior to start of procedure.

Rectal Administration

For adult patients the contrast medium should be diluted with 3-4 times its volume of water. In general, unlike a barium sulphate enema, not more than 500 ml of this dilute OscanD solution is required.

Therapy of meconium ileus

In the presence of uncomplicated meconium ileus advantage is taken of the high osmotic pressure of OscanD: the surrounding tissue is forced to release considerable amounts of fluid, which then flows into the gut and dissolves the hardened meconium.


Amber glass bottle of 30 ml & 100 ml